Pono: Napa wines inspired by Hawaii

Pono is a Hawaiian word with many meanings, vintner Dave Sedeno explained.

“It almost takes up a whole page in a dictionary. It means balance, connection to the land, leaving it better than you found it, understanding that a rising tide lifts all ships.”

Filled with a sense of adventure – perfectly ‘pono’

Founded in 2015 by Dave Sedeno and Grant Long Jr., Pono Wines is a new artisan producer based in California’s Napa Valley. The winery was named after the Hawaiian word “Pono” that has a depth of meaning – balance, a connection to the land, living in harmony, doing the right thing, leaving something better than how you found it, righteousness, and fairness. According to…..

94 Points “Exceptional” Gold Medal
Pono 2014 Mana – Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley

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92 Points “Exceptional” Gold Medal
Pono 2013 Hapa – Red Wine, Napa Valley

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91 Points “Exceptional” Gold Medal
Pono 2015 Hoku – White Wine, Napa Valley

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