About Pono Wines

Pono wines are created from the belief that a rising tide raises all ships. To Hawaiians, Pono is a way of life. It’s the endless pursuit to consciously be present. It’s a commitment to leaving all things in a better place then when first encountered. It’s understanding and appreciating that life can be both simple and complex. A beautiful richness exists within this dichotomy, and the same can be said of Pono Wines.

Dave Sedeno, native Hawaiian and Pono Wines founder, experienced a journey of his own to get to where he is today. Two decades ago he began working with many world-renowned wineries and winemakers in Napa and Sonoma. During that time, he met winemaker Grant Long Jr. Their friendship was fostered by their shared deep knowledge of wine and their passion for sharing it with a world of waiting explorers. Together, they created Pono Wine.

The collaboration between Dave and Grant has resulted in a wine that is timeless, rich in flavor and filled with a sense of adventure. Possessing the unique characteristics found only in wines created in California’s Napa and Sonoma valleys, Pono Wine is made for enthusiasts of vino and of life. Dave and his family invite you to get a taste of what it means to live Pono .

The Sedeno Family

Grant Long Jr.